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Life & Health coach – Integrated Method


I help people to break through what's holding them back to reach the life they really want.

It can sometimes serve as a helping hand in the middle of a life challenge or that ladder that you were long looking for to get to the next level of your life game.

What are the examples of the problems you can help me with?

- I feel overwhelmed by my life/work/family… I don’t even know where to start… I used to love it but now it starts to irritate me, it’s just getting too much!

- I want to change the way I live/eat/look but I fail every time… I don’t know how to get started…

- I want to perform well but I always doubt myself… I’m not good enough… I don’t deserve…

- I’m actually doing OK but I want to do better

Does it mean you tell me what’s wrong and what to do to fix it?

No. And if anyone claims to be able to solve your problems for you, I’d suggest you thank them kindly and move on. The person who will be solving your problem is you. I am here to help you to find answers that you are looking for.

To put it metaphorically, I turn on a flashlight so you can clearly see your obstacles, bring the tools to build your path together with you and teach you how to use those tools and navigate the path, while having your back to keep you safe in that journey. And then you keep your tools and newly acquired skills for everyday (or emergency) use!

Moreover, I keep you accountable for keeping moving. And we create your own self-accountability (reward) system as we go, so you don't depend on me (or anyone else) in your performance!

What does “Integrated Method” mean?

Mental, emotional, physical - they all are interconnected in a human being. Often times your negative feelings or traumatic experiences are reflected in your physical body and posture as pains, restrictions and other ailments. In my approach I engage all three levels, combining mental processing with emotional release and bodywork to create lasting change.

I create and hold space for you where you feel safe to just be yourself, exactly where and how you are. And from there move to where you want to be.

How it all works?

Together with you we:

Set up your true goals;

Identify what's holding you back: whether it's some limiting beliefs/mental blocks, or deeply ingrained habits, or past traumatic experiences, or perhaps just lack of knowledge;

Develop a step-by-step action plan;

Move through it propelled by your desire to change, combined with my skills and gentle support hand-in-hand (sometimes literally :)).

*It is important for you to understand that you are expected to take action and follow with the plan.*


An example of what you will learn with me:

Mastering Stress Management:

Identify stressors (people, situations, triggers) and their reflection in your physical body

Unload and discharge them on both emotional and physical level

Learn your individual pattern of how you react to stress

Build awareness and modify your reactions onto more constructive or, at least, harmless behavior

Helping with:

•Pain/Stress management •Sports • Deep Tissue •Neurological dysfunctions •Postural Realignment •Pregnancy/women's health •Pediatric•Lymphatic Drainage •Much more

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