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Pain/Stress management

How does it work? Is it just temporary soothing or there is a lasting effect that massage can provide? Let’s take a look.

First of all we need to understand where your pain comes from: whether from direct injury, or repeated stress from improper bio-mechanics (including bad posture), or pinched nerve that creates unusual sensation in the area that it serves? Other reasons may include fascial distortions, trigger points, improper joint alignment just to name a few.

In simple cases quick check will reveal the cause, in other cases thorough assessment including orthopedic and functional testing may be needed. Once I figure the root cause, this is where most of my treatment will focus. Because eliminating the cause will efficiently eliminate your pain.

In many cases correction of posture or bio-mechanics (the way you do certain movements or hold yourself) is essential. If you are interested, together we can develop an individualized rehabilitation program that teaches your body more efficient way of functioning and helps you to build specific muscles to accomplish it. It may sound quite intimidating and complicated, but in fact it will not take more then 15-20 minutes out of your day along with certain degree of self-awareness. The benefit of it however is quite significant – you eliminate the lasting cause of your discomfort, it frees an energy that your body was using to hold itself in unbalanced way so you feel more energetic and it just looks better!

But the most important is that you become self-sufficient and not needing constant adjustments and treatments not even mentioning pain medications. As much as I like to have you as a client, it brings me much more joy and satisfaction to help you to become independent of any kind of treatments and live your life to its full capacity. And then you will come to me rather for pampering feel-good kind of massage then out of necessity that pain creates.

You can contact me here to discuss your particular issue.

There are, however conditions when it is not possible to eliminate the cause by manual techniques like in case of systemic or genetic diseases (fibromyalgia, lupus, MS...); degenerative processes like rheumatoid or osteoarthritis; cancer, diseases of internal organs etc. But even though I can not treat those conditions, massage therapy is a viable option that helps manage and alleviate chronic pain caused by them. Multiple studies suggest that massage therapy helps to decrease alverall level of pain and increase quality of life of chronic pain sufferers. You will likely need less pain medications with longer perionds of no or decreased level of pain. Many clients report that with regular massage treatments they can do things that they were not able to do due to their pain and disfunction.

Often chronic pain is accompanied by symptoms of depression, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping. Whether your stress comes from your desease of from life/work/personal situation massage therapy is a proven option to help manage it.

In addition to manual techniques, if you are interested in a long term solution, I can suggest simple though efficient strategies that you can use in your daily life to deal with your stress-causing environment. Our ultimate goal will be to modify your instant reactions and balance your emotional state so that what earlier would have caused you stress now is perceived just as a situation to be sorted out. Or not even worth reacting.


What is your particular problem? You can contact me here and together we can decide how I can help you best.