Massage & Rehabilitation

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There is no secret that most pregnant women want to feel good, be healthy and enjoy their pregnancy. However, physiological adaptations that woman’s body undergoes, may sometimes cause physical and/or emotional challenges.

                            What does it mean exactly for you? Do you need to:

  • Relieve anxiety and stress of additional demands of the pregnancy?
  • Ease up back pain (or neck/shoulders/ swelling/carpal tunnel/sciatica...  your particular discomfort)?
  • Prepare your body for upcoming birth by aligning your pelvis or treating muscular and fascial restrictions?
  • Improve your sleep?
  • or simply feel nurtured and cared for?

I do hear you. Having 20-year experience as a Registered Midwife, and being a busy mom of three, I have a first-hand knowledge about potential challenges that expecting, new and even well-seasoned moms can face.

I am happy to offer my skills to make your motherhood more enjoyable.

I also deal with such issues as menstrual discomforts, swelling and related problems.